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This course will lead you through some advanced features available in Wildix Collaboration and help you become a real expert on Wildix products.

Discover how to set up a conference call in Collaboration, how to change the presence status of another user, how to listen in on a live call, and much more. Yes, all of this is possible with Wildix Collaboration.

Watch video 1: Conference Call

You are on a call with someone who is away from their PC, and you need to add another person to this call, on the go. Solution: you can merge several calls into one from Collaboration.

Watch video 2: Call Recording

You need to record a call because you need to share it with someone later on. Or simply because you don’t have a pen, and you need to write down some important information.

Watch video 3: Call Pickup

Your colleague is receiving a call, you can hear it. But you can see that this person has left his or her desk and cannot answer at the moment. You can answer the call for this user without even leaving your desk.

Watch video 4: Call Transfer

You can pass a call to contact or to another user from Wildix Collaboration. Call transfer can be announced (attended) or blind. You can also forward a call without even answering it.

Watch video 5: Call Transfer via BLF

Do you often need to transfer call to some of your colleagues? E.g. you are working on one team… There is a very handy and easy way to do it in Collaboration via drag&drop.

Watch video 6: Forward to Voicemail

You’re receiving an incoming call but for some reason you cannot answer it at the moment. You would like to forward this call to your Mailbox, or, maybe to the Mailbox of one of your colleagues.

Watch video 7: Custom Geolocation

You are going somewhere and your laptop remains at home. You would like to inform your colleagues of your future geolocation, i.e. you would like to force a geolocation, which is different from the actual one.

Watch video 8: Web Push

Are you worried about missing some important chat or call? Trying to keep the browser tab with Collaboration in front of you all the tine? Thanks to Web Push, you don’t have to.

Watch video 9: Custom User Statuses

It takes you several clicks to change your user status in Collaboration into DND or Away. What if you need to add a status message? And also the time, when your status should go back to Available? Well, it takes time. Actually, there is a way to set up custom user statuses for repetitive activities, like meetings, lunch breaks.

Watch video 10: Call Features

Learn how users can become independent in setting call forwarding rules and other settings for incoming calls management.

Watch video 11: Call Features based on User status, Call type

Sometimes we want our incoming calls to be treated in a different way based on the type of the call (external, internal?), or based on our current user status (DND, Away?).

Watch video 12: Ring Only Active Device

Many of us have more than one registered device. It can be a Web phone, a desk phone, a smartphone client, a W-AIR. Are you irritated to hear all of those devices ringing when you are receiving an incoming call?

Watch video 13: Continuity

You have started a call from Collaboration. But then you need to leave your desk and your office. You can seamlessly and easily pass an active call to another device.

Watch video 14: Set presence of another user

You have a forgetful colleague. He or she left on vacation and forgot to change their user status. This is just an example, to say there are cases in which you need to be able to modify the presence status of another user.

Watch video 15: Call Intrusion

Supervisors and managers, especially in a call center environment, need to be able to listen in on live calls or to drop in on a call.

Watch video 16: Sticky Notes

Your colleague is busy and you don’t want to disturb. Solution: leave a sticky note that will be displayed in his or her Collaboration interface, or leave a callback request

Complete the quiz:

How can you establish a conference call from Collaboration?
What is the correct way to end up a conference call established via Collaboration?
What is the best way if you need to answer calls for someone who is not working in the same office as you?
Is it possible to forward a call to Voicemail from Collaboration?
In which case Call Forward rule for "No Answer" is applied?
How to set up different ringtones for external and internal calls?
How to enable call reject for all of your incoming calls when in DND status?
You would like all of your calls to be rejected when in DND. But you would still like to receive incoming calls from your colleagues. How can you achieve this?
You would like to be able to receive more than one incoming calls at a time. How to set it up?
You can set up custom ringtone in your Collaboration settings. On which devices will this ringtone be applied?
For custom user statuses, can you specify the exact time when your status should go back to "Available"?
How to enable Mobility feature?
What is the easiest way to pass an active call from Collaboration to your mobile app?
How can you do silent intrusion?
Web Push is not working. Which of the following might be the reason for that?
Which license does a user need, to be able to participate in a web conference?
Who can unlock a web conference?
How to enable remote control of your desktop during a screen sharing session?