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You have successfully completed the FEX training.

You will receive your FEX certificate and badge via email within 10 working days.

Note: you can receive the FEX certificate only if you have the FE certificate.

Gratulation! Sie haben 100% erreicht und das Quiz bestanden.

Nach erfolgreich bestandenem Quiz erhalten Sie Ihr W-FEX Zertifikat und Ihren Badge via E-Mail innerhalb von 10 Arbeitstagen.

Wichtiger Hinweis: Sie erhalten das W-FEX Zertifikat nur, wenn Sie bereits über das W-FE Zertifikat verfügen.


Has completado con éxito el FEX Traning.

Recibirás tu certificado FEX y tu credencial por correo electrónico dentro de los siguientes 10 días hábiles.

Nota: recibirás el certificado FEX solo si has obtenido previamente el certificado FE

Congratulazioni! Hai completato con successo la formazione FEX.

Riceverai il tuo certificato FEX e il badge via e-mail entro 10 giorni lavorativi.

Nota: puoi ricevere il certificato FEX solo se hai il certificato FE.

Félicitations !

Vous avez terminé avec succès la formation FEX.

Vous recevrez votre certificat FEX et votre badge par e-mail dans les 10 jours ouvrables.

Remarque : vous ne pouvez recevoir le certificat FEX que si vous disposez du certificat FE.

Welcome !

Field Engineer Expert (FEX) is our recommended training for Wildix Partners – specifically, technicians who already completed Field Engineer (FE) training.

Why should you attend this training?

After gaining a solid understanding of the basics of Wildix, it’s time for you to elevate your knowledge to the next level. The purpose of the FEX training is to acquire advanced knowledge on how to install and configure the Wildix communication system.

VALUE for you through Wildix FEX:

  • Faster configurations and reduced time in managing tickets and ability to handle them autonomously;
  • Higher confidence in approaching installations and systems management;
  • Improved performance during deployments, installations, and configurations.

Moreover… At the end of the course, you will earn your certificate.

The FEX certificate means that you are officially accepted and recognized by Wildix and our community as a Wildix Tech Wizard: an expert on the Wildix communications system. Your company will be officially recognized as a Wildix Professional and you’ll get additional visibility through publication on the Wildix website.

Note: W-FEX certificates can be only issued to Partners who previously completed the W-FE training.

What should you do to get your certificate?

The path to the FEX certificate is the following:

  1. Watch the tech videos listed below (recommended);
  2. Complete the quiz consisting of 45 questions (required).

The estimated time to complete the program: 14 hours

The duration of the W-FEX Certificate is 2 years. After the expiration, it is necessary to pass the quiz once again to receive the new W-FEX certificate.

Topics covered during the FEX training:

  • WebRTC Kite for your website
  • Dialplan and Advanced Dialplan (Custom apps)
  • WMS Networks configuration
  • W-AIR DECT networks
  • Integrations: PBX APIs, WebAPI, Contact Center Wallboard, Windows TAPI, Popup URL
  • SIP debugging and monitoring
  • Using Autotraces, SNGREP, Wireshark, Chrome Devtools, etc.
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