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Starting January 1, 2024, this website is no longer updated and you no longer can pass certification programs here.

If you are a Wildix Partner, request access to the new e-Learning website here: (you will be granted access within two working days).

Access to the new e-Learning platform:

Welcome !

Prior to participating in the Wildix Field Engineer (W-FE) training, please make sure you study the Wildix sales documentation listed on this page, and successfully pass the quiz.

Who should attend the W-FE pre-requisite training:

  • New Wildix Partners who have already registered or plan to register to the W-FE training

The purpose of the W-FE pre-requisite training:

  • Make sure the Partner has all the necessary knowledge to participate in the W-FE training

The contents of the W-FE pre-requisite training:

  • Nine lessons
  • The quiz

Estimated time to complete the W-FE pre-requisite training: 4 hours

Your progress bar: