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Kanban is a management method applied in all types of professional services to better manage knowledge work, improve service delivery, catalyze improvements through evolutionary change and evolve businesses to be “fit for purpose”.

This mini course will help you to get acquainted with the Kanban method, the benefits it brings to organizations, it’s basic principles and practices.

This course is recommended for everyone who is curious to learn more about the Kanban method and/or is planning to take a Kanban University certified class from Wildix. 

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Kanban training program

In partnership with the Kanban University, Wildix delivers a certified Kanban training program to its Partners.

Recommended books:
  • Essential Kanban Condensed by David J. Anderson & Andy
  • Carmichael
  • Priming Kanban by Jesper Boeg
  • Kanban for skeptics by Nick Oostvogels
  • The Official Guide to the Kanban Method from the Kanban University